Polymer Plastic Paper



– High quality waterproof Paper/polymer

– Real POLYMER (acts just the same)

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– High quality waterproof Paper/polymer

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4 reviews for Polymer Plastic Paper

  1. Frani – August 29, 2020:

    Exactly what I was looking for. How do you stop the print from been sticky? It would be a great help.

    • admin – August 29, 2020:

      We use a chemical called tallow, its an extract from cows milk.

  2. Jk – August 29, 2020:

    I would like to buy more of this but it’s out of stock in your site. I have searched everywhere. Can you assist please

    • admin – August 29, 2020:

      Our supply has been limited due to corona-virus. We hope to have stock for sale soon.

  3. Chatty man – August 29, 2020:

    Very happy with this!! When are they back in stock?

    • admin – August 29, 2020:

      Hopefully by next month

  4. Gangs of London – August 29, 2020:

    Can you supply large quantities of this polymer? I got a sample and would like to do business.

    • admin – August 29, 2020:

      Please call or email

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