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A little insight of how the new pound notes are made by the royal mint, not us. They use a transparent plastic film, difficult to counterfeit with a special coated ink layer that carries the design of the notes. Lithographic printing is the technique used to create the new £5 notes, this is a dry offset printing process used to apply ink to the polymer substrate. The silver foil patch at the bottom of the tower has a hologram of the word ‘Five’ changing to the word ‘Pounds’ and under UV light, the number 5 appears in bright red and green colours. If you shine a laser through the Queen’s neck (on the new fiver) you will also create a field of stars on the wall behind..

The new £5 notes weight 0.7g which s 0.2g lighter than the old one. Our notes are not legal tender. The new polymer notes will melt at 120 degrees, so avoid ironing them. The new notes contain tallow which is made from cows milk, its used to stop the notes sticking together.




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We print using intaglio printing techniques, the exact ink as used in royal mint, real feel real look, seeing is believing...
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Intaglio Printing

We print using intaglio printing techniques as use by the royal mint.
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Imported inks and tallow

We use imported inks and tallow from cows milk to counteract notes from sticking together and giving them the "real" feel.
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Our pricing reflects the quality and time taken in producing these notes.

This is prop money made to perfection. not for use in shops. Please read T&C and know what your buying as refunds wont be made. it is your responsibility